1. Reach a Targeted Audience

Many site owners create quality content and hope that’s enough to get search engines to notice and quality sites to link back to their work. It’s true that you need to create quality content if you want links, but no matter how great your content is, someone needs to build traffic to it. That’s just the way it is. And more importantly, if you’re not performing outreach, you have little hope of getting the right sites to link to you. If someone is running a site with a lot of authority in your industry, they’re not spending their time hunting down pages to link to. People are coming to them. You have to be one of them.

When you make a concentrated effort to reach out to sites with authority, you are targeting the audience you want to reach. This means Google has a better idea that your website is in the same niche as the site linking to you. It also means that the visitors who follow that link are already interested in your topic. When you reach a targeted audience, you will have a much higher conversion rate than if you were being exposed to just anyone. Never underestimate the value of reaching a targeted group of interested website visitors.


  1. Network With Respected Experts in Your Niche

When you send emails to bloggers, you are networking. It may be this exchange doesn’t grow beyond this one link building opportunity, but occasionally, you will impress them and you will build a relationship with this person that could grow into partnerships in the future.


  1. Build Your Domain and Page Authority

When a respectable site with authority links to your page, some of that authority rubs off on your site. This means search engines, like Google, will look more favorably on your site and rank your pages higher.


  1. Quality Referral Traffic

When this site links to you, their audience will follow the link and discover your content. More traffic, especially targeted traffic, is always a plus.


  1. Establish Yourself As An Expert In Your Field

Similar to how an authority site linking to your page rubs some search engine authority onto your website, you will build authority with your audience when you are linked to from an established website in your industry. When an audience sees that someone they trust is willing to link to you, this tells the audience that your website is worth checking out and listening to. The more often this happens, the more respected your site becomes as a source.


  1. Build Your Brand

Your brand is now associated with the sites that link to you. It’s important that the page linking to you is linking to a page that represents your brand well. Don’t ask for a link to a random page you think will earn you an income. Ask for a link to quality content that represents your brand well. When you look at this page, you should think about two things.

  • 1. This is what my brand is all about.
  • 2. My target audience will get a ton of value from this.

This is how lasting brands are established.

  1. This is a Long-Term Strategy

Search engine optimization is never a flash in the pan strategy. When you buy a pay-per-click advertisement, you are paying to be shown to an audience one time. When you put effort into building your website up in the search results, you are working on a long-term strategy that will have benefits reaching far into the future.

But Why Outreach Instead of Waiting For Bloggers to Link To Me On Their Own?

As already mentioned, the big players in your industry have people coming to them all the time. They do not have the time to naturally go out and discover your content. The likelihood of getting this contact without outreach is small.

You also get the benefits of directly talking to this person and building a relationship between yourself and this respectable figure in your niche.

When you reach out to other bloggers, you will more often be rejected or ignored than accepted. This is nothing personal. People are busy, maybe they don’t even look at your content, or maybe they just don’t feel it’s the right fit. That’s fine. What matters is the connections you do successfully make. The more people you reach out to, the more successful connections you will make than by doing nothing at all.

Outreach is the fastest way to build targeted links like guest posts or link placements, get noticed by Google, and reach a targeted audience that cares about your work. You are already working hard at creating quality content. Doesn’t your work deserve the extra steps it takes to drive the right traffic to discover it?